About Me

I was born in Tianjin, China. I worked in Stardard Chartered Bank around 5 years, and played the role as Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead in the Financial Market Solution Delivery Department.

I'm currently a graduated student in the Department of Computer Science at Florida International University, and I'm undertaking research with Dr. Liting Hu. My research interest is about Operating System, Big Data and Artificial Intellegence.


  • Teaching Assitant
    • CGS 2060 Introduction To Microcomputers
    • COP 4610 Operating System
    • COP 5614 Advanced Operating System


Academic Ancestor

Pinchao Liu, PhD Candidate, Florida International University
 └ Liting Hu, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016
  └ Karsten Schwan, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
   └ Anita K. Jones, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1973
     └ Nico Habermann, PhD, Eindhoven University of Technology, 1967
       └ Edsger W. Dijkstra, PhD, University of Amsterdam
        └ Adriaan van Wijngaarden, University of Amsterdam
          └ Cornelis Benjamin Biezeno, Delft University of Technology